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Transforming Trauma
Healing and Transformation

Best Education to Healing and Empowerment in Aurora

The Transforming Trauma Course is purpose-focused with follow-up discussion designed to provide safety, compassion, mind transformation, and a clear understanding of purpose through experiencing success spiritually, in relationships, and in career and business. We understand that healing from trauma can be a difficult journey, but we believe that it is possible for everyone. Our team of experts in Aurora has crafted a program that is dedicated to helping individuals overcome their past traumas and fulfill their potential. Our course is designed to empower you by providing you with the tools and techniques that are rooted in the 5 dimensions of true, genuine, and authentic selfhood. We believe that by working through these dimensions, you will learn how to turn your past traumas into a source of strength and resilience and that healing and empowerment are within reach for everyone, and we are here to help you achieve peace. Our program is designed to help you improve your relationships, business, career, health, and wellness. Don't let your past traumas hold you back any longer.


Understanding Trauma and Bringing Self-compassion and Love

Most people have experienced some trauma. To make matters worse, they are isolated relationally and emotionally. The benefits of authentically connecting with others are endless. Understanding what trauma does to the soul helps us understand how to heal ourselves and others. Trauma affects the thinking, mind, and emotions—trauma happens when we experience spiritual, physical, or emotional harm or even life-threatening events. Our body’s ability to cope is overwhelmed. Even though the event passes, trauma has lasting adverse effects on a person’s mental, physical, social, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Most of us experience trauma at some time in our lifetime - it’s essential to understand what trauma does to the brain to be able to heal and minimize life-long adverse effects. Trauma effectively imprints stressful events in the brain. The memory is stored in the brain to ensure you do not find yourself in this dangerous situation again. However, the amygdala doesn’t save the event as if it is a story – but it is stored as fragments of visual images, smells, sounds, tastes, or touches. Self-compassion and self-love are the prerequisites for healing and empowerment.

Our Transformational Christian-based Environment

The Transforming Trauma Course is not just a program but a transformational environment built on vital relationships that will effect positive changes in people. The number one cause of illness, depression, addiction, suicide, and premature death is not poor health but trauma or violence, and even worse, alone-ness and loneliness. One of the reasons so many people are in such dire circumstances and demanding situations is that we have not created "healing" environments. The prescription for healing trauma is in Jesus and how He lived in the world. Jesus was the one true genuine, authentic person, living and dying without fear, totally free, and self-giving. He was sent to us by God to lead us on a journey from spiritual emptiness, the root of all trauma, to our true genuine, and authentic selves. This course shows how working the five dimensions, which are rooted in true Biblical genuine, authentic selfhood, can help us overcome trauma and fear, experience freedom, and help others do the same. Our vision is to facilitate spiritual, relational, and emotional healing through the five dimensions of words, safety, compassion, mind transformation, and a clear understanding of their purpose. Our mission is to connect students with the partner's empowerment plan and an empowerment team working together to accomplish their purpose.

Healing and Empowering Course

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